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My name is Sharla Pike and I am a photographer in Kelowna B.C. but travel worldwide including Calgary AB, Vancouver BC, Edmonton AB,
and Los Angeles. I specialize in family photography, newborn photography, maternity photography, Boudoir Photography as well photography for Model and Talent Agencies and of course Weddings!

You must walk before you can run-Sharla Pike Photography

"She who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying"- Friedrich Nietzsche

Meet Isla and her mom + dad! I had the pleasure of photographing Isla when she was just days old, and WOW now here we are a year later!!! Isla played shy at first but was quick to warm up to me, she LOVED playing in the leaves and once she discovered how fun it was, good luck trying to get her to sit still! It was so fun to watch her discover these new things, and to watch her parents watch her do it with such happiness and pride on their faces. These are moments worth capturing, I'm not always worried about getting the perfect shot where everyone is looking and smiling, I mean yes I always try for that, but sometimes my most favorite images are the ones of you just being YOU. Every time I would call Isla, I would hold up a leaf to get her attention and she'd point and say "what's dis" and make the cutest "OH face". I said to her parents, you forget all the little faces and expressions they make when they are little, and it's true, my kids are only 8 and 5 and I do that all the time when I look back at photos! So one day when they look at these photographs it'll bring a flood of memories back to them. " Oh ya remember she used to make that face when...." Often times when kids are small they won't sit still and smile at the camera and do what we say, the more we say do this, they do that, and THAT'S OK! They are their own little person, and I always try to tell my clients that it's ok, to not be sorry that they don't want to picked up or want to just run around . I can only ask that they trust that I will still get images they will be in love with. Isla did give me some great smiling shots and was so fun to watch, her, walking in the leaves was like watching Bambi walk for the first time. Simply adorable. Thank you for allowing me to share this milestone in your lives I appreciate clients like you so very much, it's been so special to see your family grow over the past year:) So what Im saying is don't always worry about getting the perfect smiling shot, worry about getting images that are real and what is "NOW"... so when you say... "back then"... you remember.
family-fall leaves-fall family photos-IMG_3574family photos-fall-leaves-walking in leaves-playing in leaves-IMG_3594discovering leaves-baby-playing in leaves-little girl-photos-IMG_3638baby girl-family photos-photographer-childrens photography-IMG_3682childrens photography-baby girl-one year old-IMG_3683playing in the leaves-little girl-fall-autumn-IMG_3825mom and dad-fall-photography-IMG_3837mother daughter- little girl-mommy-photography-fall photography-IMG_3914daddyhappy family-smiling family-family portrait-family photographer-IMG_3980

Creative shoot with Natasha Zimbaro

Recently I went to Vancouver for another amazing shoot with Natasha Zimbaro, we decided to do more of an editorial/fashion style shoot.We of course couldn't do it without help from @TOPSHOP, Gorgeous Tulle Skirts from Beautulleful ,hair and make-up by the fabulous @Kaitlinhargreaves and the adorable flower crowns were made by a local Vancouver florist  Tanisha @societyflorals (formally sa-belle-vie). Natasha is not your average 21 year old, who goes out partying, and is deciding what they want to do with their life.... she's been preforming since she was 11 years old, and knew from a very young age what she wanted to do with her life.  She is very down to earth, hardworking, and ever so sweet, in her spare time she is the outing coordinator for a local retired living home. Becoming a professional singer is something you have to be truly motivated to do,her whole heart goes be into this profession, because it is a ton of work. Natasha is the lead singer working with her pop band "PRTY H3RO". In April of 2013, Natasha and her band signed to SONY Music! A life long dream of Natasha's. Their debut single "Life of the PRTY" AND "Young and Shameless" is now available on iTunes! She is currently working on her Solo album, we cannot wait to hear what she's been working on in the studio. Here is a sneak peek of our shoot we like to call "Enchanted Forrest ".IMG_2736IMG_2793IMG_2886IMG_2883 IMG_3056IMG_3079IMG_2942IMG_2975 and we also did a couple other looks:) IMG_3324IMG_321dg4and this look  for fun..... IMG_3460IMG_3536 let's not forget CJ who managed to steal a sucker on  set, and DID NOT want to give it back:) lol IMG_3543 Don't forget us when your Famous Natasha!!! xoxoxo

Why Newborn Photos should be done by a Pro-Baby Hunter’s sneak peek!

Ok so getting a professional Photographer for your wedding day is a no brainer right? After all it's one of the most important day of your life… right? Well… for most couples yes it definitely is the most important day, However speaking from experience, for those couples who decide to bring a child into the world, the day your little baby arrives Trumps any wedding...no offense husbands... Love will become something bigger than you ever knew was possible from the VERY first moment you see + hold your newborn baby – your entire world will change.  Your wedding day will be a distant memory– THIS will now become most important day of your life, trust me. So why wouldn't you capture that. You've all heard it many times before, time goes by WAY to fast, and our children grow up right in front of our eyes, after one week, after three weeks, one year is here before you know it– they grow, change and develop and continue to do so whether we like it or not! Too bad sometimes we can't freeze moments HUH?> Actually..... That's MY job as a photographer. Newborn babies change the fastest every second. Its very Important you find a photographer that knows what they are doing and has some experience, they will be handling your week old baby for 1-2 hours, posing them changing them,soothing them back to sleep. Its an investment that is worth every penny. Remember Newborns photos cannot be re-done, they are only "new" for a very short time.If you don't choose the right person you may end up with images like these gems I came across on pinterest! FAILS So you get my point:) I recently had the pleasure photographing my friends new baby Hunter. I have met a lot of new parents but I have never met a couple so positive and excited about becoming parents as these two were. That baby could scream all night and Suzanne wouldn't even flinch, she'd still be smiling and talking about how great motherhood is, and that she's prepared for anything that comes along. Congratulations to you guys, Hunter is a lucky little boy, looking forward to watching him grow:) xoxo   sock-monkey-newborn-hats-photography-IMG_9978newborn-knit hat-teddy bear- newborn pose-baby sleeping- photography-IMG_9959firefighter-dad-hero-turnout gear-west kelowna- fireman-newborn-IMG_9901fire helmet-newborn-sleeping baby-west kelowna-photographer-IMG_9895new family- mom-dad- baby-just born-IMG_9785baby sleeping-new baby-wecome baby-sleepingphotography -images_9666 mommy and baby-mommy-boys-newborn-maternal-IMG_0143dads arms-newborn photography-newborn photos-kelowna-IMG_0065