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My name is Sharla Pike and I am a photographer in Kelowna B.C. but travel worldwide including Calgary AB, Vancouver BC, Edmonton AB,
and Los Angeles. I specialize in family photography, newborn photography, maternity photography, Boudoir Photography as well photography for Model and Talent Agencies and of course Weddings!

Cousins…Grandmas, Grandpas + Kids…oh my.

How well do you know your cousins? Remember looking back at your childhood and having tons of memories that were made with family and cousins?Relationships between cousins can be very special, I know mine are! Its hard when parts of your family live far away to keep in touch, thank goodness for social media which helps us stay connected a little better. A few years ago while at a family gathering in Alberta, my mom and her brother made a comment about how it's up to us to keep the relationships going in the family....meaning that our children  and my cousins children need to know each other or else it will stop at us...This made perfect sense and it was sad that our children had maybe met only once ! So it was time to make a plan and start our own family traditions. For the past two years and probably many years to come, my family, my cousins and their families along with our parents and our grandma ( all 20 of us)... go to Kimberly to my uncles cabins for a few days in the summertime, which is sort of half way for all of us. The older the kids get the more fun they have together,it's so neat to see them interact and begin to make relationships and  memories just as we did when we were kids. Here are two of my cousins daughters, a quick shoot we did in Kimberly about 10 minutes before they were heading out the door back home;) They are just precious and I'm so glad we will be around more to watch them grow up.   IMG_1993IMG_1946IMG_1933IMG_1891IMG_1866IMG_1885IMG_1842IMG_1828IMG_1819IMG_1816IMG_1960IMG_9723IMG_17608

Many reasons why we need our mom friends-The Russell girls.

Hmmmm looking back to the days when we had no children, if you wanted you could take 2 hours to get ready while sipped your freshly brewed latte, you could sleep whenever you wanted and shower whenever you pleased. You could watch TV  shows with Characters that don't have names like Toopy and Binoo or  Phineas & Ferb , and girls night outs happened a lot more frequently.....don't get me wrong I love my children and wouldn't trade them for the world...but things are different when you become a mom, your whole life changes including your friends. Before you have kids, your friends were all about you; who you have things in common with; who you have fun with; who you want to hang out with for a good time. Now.... kids enter your life and friendships have a whole new meaning, and purpose. You need friends, Mom friends... who understand exactly what you’re going through and won’t be annoyed when it takes four months to plan a night out together, those friends  understand that you cannot have a phone conversation without getting interrupted 16 times in 4 minutes. They don't judge you when you show up at their house 30 min late with one kid attached to your leg with no socks on in the middle of winter and the other one with breakfast all over their face... cause it's been "ONE of those days" . So what!.... you wear your lulu's every single day... so do all your other mom friends, putting Jeans on means we are really going all out! lol  You need moms who just plain get it, and make motherhood easier. Just when you used to think a true friend was someone who would hold your hair back while you puke after drinking too much...NO, NO, let me tell you, a true friend is someone who will clean your hair, clothes and floor up after your baby just projectile vomited all over you for the third time that day. All you mom's out there know what Im talking about there is something very special about having best "mom" friends, it's like an unspoken pledge between all mother's to stick together and go through the hardest most rewarding time in our lives, as mother's raising our children through the good days and the worst days. so why am I blabbing about all this?? I'm suppose to be posting photographs right? Yeah I know I'm getting there. These photos are of four very special ladies in my life, I know you have seens them before, they are some of my favorite ones to photograph and you can see why that is. The woman who is responsible for these three precious girls is someone who I can definitely call one of my best "mom" friends and who I am forever grateful to have in my life and in my children's life. Keep your eye out for some hilarious utube videos from us after all we both think we are pretty much the funniest people in both our families (I think we just think that, no one else really says that) so I know we are destined to rock some mommy  renditions of "fancy" and other songs on utube one of these days;) lol  Love you like a sister Trace:) xoxo   IMG_6276IMG_6189IMG_6168IMG_6135IMG_6118IMG_6105IMG_6104IMG_6062IMG_6058IMG_6031IMG_5971IMG_5814IMG_5763      

3 words-Life-Goes-On-Alison + Dwayne Wedding Sneak Peek~


“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” ― Robert Frost. When we're incomplete, we search for somebody to complete us , Maybe it’s that you attract the people and circumstances that match how you’re living and showing up in the world.
Sometimes there are things in life that aren't meant to stay. Sometimes change may not be what we want, change is what we need. Eventually you can see that your pain was part of a much larger picture that God was carefully painting. That is when Alison + Dwayne met. At a time in their life when things in life weren't meant to stay, their circumstances matched and they needed someone to complete their life. They are now officially a family of 6 two cutie pie boys, and two sweet girls. The family seems to have meshed and bonded together very easily. Life is about trusting our feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories and learning from the past. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness . Enjoy your sneak peek!
family photos-running-beach-playing [000112]wedding-kids-tag-yourit-bridal party [000116]father and son-the boys-wedding-ring boys-grromsmen IMG_6457blended family-wedding-kids-4kids-IMG_6376beach wedding-kelowna-family-life goes on-IMG_6334mothers and daughters-wedding-bridemaids-kids-flowers-wedding-IMG_7118IMG_7002IMG_6961bride-bridal makeup-hair-wedding bouquet-classic creations-IMG_6911IMG_6766IMG_6759IMG_6511