6 simple tips on taking better Photos with your phone.

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6 Simple tips on taking better photos with you phone.

1. Always Clean your phone Lens

the first thing is very simple but very important – clean the lens of your camera. If the lens is dirty you will not get a nice clear crisp image.

2. Take Photos in Natural Light

No body likes that yellow tinge that comes from using indoor lighting, it’s just not flattering, and can also be tricky creating unwanted shadows…To avoid this try to shoot in natural light ( THAT’S RIGHT THE SUN) always face your subject towards to light try to avoid very bright sunlight, go in the shade even as long as your are facing light. You’ve probably all heard of GOLDEN HOUR, that beautiful light just before sunset. that’s the Best time to shoot.

3.Never use the zoom button

Never use the zoom button on the iPhone to take a photo because it will degrade the quality of your photos. If you would like to get closer shot either move closer if you can or crop the image after you take the photo.

4. Tap to focus

Although the iPhone has a solid auto focus, it doesn’t always know exactly what you’re looking at. To Manually set your focus to make sure your subject will be clear, simply Tap your finger on the screen where you want your focus to be a box will appear, that will now be your focus point. To lock this focus point simply hold your finger in the screen for a second and an AE/AF Lock will appear on the top of your screen if you want to release it simply tap the screen anywhere else.

5. Adjust the Exposure Setting

If you cannot get perfect natural lighting, then adjust the exposure yourself. Tap and hold on a particular area of the image until a yellow square appears, then tap the sun icon at its right and drag the slider UP OR DOWN until you get the proper brightness.

6. Edit-Play with Lightroom Mobile Presets.They will actually edit your photos not just place a filter over top.

Take a few seconds to use some Lightroom mobile presets to edit your photos in one click! The app is FREE from the app store. just import the photo into the Lightroom mobile program, install the presets and your one click away from amazing edited images. Sharla Pike photography presets are available at https://www.sharlapike.com/product/lightroom-dng/ 11 presets on sale now for just $20!

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