Cousins…Grandmas, Grandpas + Kids…oh my.

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How well do you know your cousins? Remember looking back at your childhood and having tons of memories that were made with family and cousins?Relationships between cousins can be very special, I know mine are! Its hard when parts of your family live far away to keep in touch, thank goodness for social media which helps us stay connected a little better. A few years ago while at a family gathering in Alberta, my mom and her brother made a comment about how it’s up to us to keep the relationships going in the family….meaning that our children  and my cousins children need to know each other or else it will stop at us…This made perfect sense and it was sad that our children had maybe met only once ! So it was time to make a plan and start our own family traditions. For the past two years and probably many years to come, my family, my cousins and their families along with our parents and our grandma ( all 20 of us)… go to Kimberly to my uncles cabins for a few days in the summertime, which is sort of half way for all of us. The older the kids get the more fun they have together,it’s so neat to see them interact and begin to make relationships and  memories just as we did when we were kids. Here are two of my cousins daughters, a quick shoot we did in Kimberly about 10 minutes before they were heading out the door back home;) They are just precious and I’m so glad we will be around more to watch them grow up.



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