Creative shoot with Natasha Zimbaro

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Recently I went to Vancouver for another amazing shoot with Natasha Zimbaro, we decided to do more of an editorial/fashion style shoot.We of course couldn’t do it without help from @TOPSHOP, Gorgeous Tulle Skirts from Beautulleful ,hair and make-up by the fabulous @Kaitlinhargreaves and the adorable flower crowns were made by a local Vancouver florist  Tanisha @societyflorals (formally sa-belle-vie).

Natasha is not your average 21 year old, who goes out partying, and is deciding what they want to do with their life…. she’s been preforming since she was 11 years old, and knew from a very young age what she wanted to do with her life.  She is very down to earth, hardworking, and ever so sweet, in her spare time she is the outing coordinator for a local retired living home. Becoming a professional singer is something you have to be truly motivated to do,her whole heart goes be into this profession, because it is a ton of work. Natasha is the lead singer working with her pop band “PRTY H3RO”. In April of 2013, Natasha and her band signed to SONY Music! A life long dream of Natasha’s. Their debut single “Life of the PRTY” AND “Young and Shameless” is now available on iTunes! She is currently working on her Solo album, we cannot wait to hear what she’s been working on in the studio. Here is a sneak peek of our shoot we like to call “Enchanted Forrest “. IMG_2736IMG_2793IMG_2886IMG_2883


and we also did a couple other looks:)

IMG_3324IMG_321dg4and this look  for fun…..


let’s not forget CJ who managed to steal a sucker on  set, and DID NOT want to give it back:) lol


Don’t forget us when your Famous Natasha!!! xoxoxo

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