don’t blink- time goes faster then you think

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It seems like just yesterday I was in the delivery room capturing the first moments of Ryley’s life his entrance into this world, my debut as a REAL Auntie. What a special moment for me, and special photographs to have to remember it by:) Here we are over a year later, and he’s become a special part of our family. What a little card he is, he absolutely LOVES his cousins, so cute to watch them interact. After a couple years of real trials, tribulations and hardship for my sister in law in and out of the hospital it was a milestone moment for these photos to take place… their first professional family photos since Ryleys was born. Watching Tanis suffer for the last two years and her health being so bad makes you appreciate life and cherish the little things we all take for granted. The good news is she’s on route to a better quality of life, finally being able to live life normally and be with Ryley and Dennis as a family, making memories like these.  Here is a sneak peek ! xoxo


Ryley’s  birth photo:IMG_8041




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