Photographing Highschool Graduation- that special Milestone in Life!

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For every graduate and their family this is an exciting time of year. For parents in particular, graduation ceremonies are a time for reflection, they wonder where the time went and how their little ones grew up so fast.

I had the Pleasure of photographing Hailey and her friends before their Graduation In Whiterock B.C. while I was photographing the girls I couldn’t help but think of my own children , although they are only 4, and 7 years old right now , time passes so quickly before I know it I will be helping them pick out grad dresses and tuxes, and trying not to cry all day long! lol

Graduation is not just about reflecting on the past though; it is about looking towards the future, it marks the start of the next stage of life . There are new memories to be made, opportunities to be had, risks to be taken and challenges to be overcome, and new people who will enter our lives. But for now these friends celebrate the last 13 years of friendship, fun, ups and downs, good times and bad…while Mom, Cathy had tears in her eyes as she watched her little girl  all dolled up, I was happily snapping away and feeling honored to capture such a great Milestone in life. Here is a small peek of the day:)

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