Your life is your legacy…make it worth remembering…Family is not important, IT’S EVERYTHING.

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TIME flies especially in today’s world where everything is CRAMMED into days, hours and minutes in order to get the most done in one day as we possibly can. We all have times in our life when we think “I wish”.

Think about how fast children grow up, if you have children of your own you know this all too well, people say all the time “Enjoy the little moments it’s goes by so fast”

It always makes me sad when I hear of people who have never had professional family portraits done, it’s a  storytelling, memory at different times in their lives as their families and  children grew. Portraits to tell the story of what they liked to do together, that portrayed their unique bond and personality. Portraits that tell the story of their relationships – from the total dependence of an infant to the teenage years and beyond when our children have their own children. Think about if our grandparents and their parents before had never taken photographs, what would we have to look back on remember them and teach our children about their lives?

SO YES it’s a PAIN….. A HUGE PAIN I know, to coordinate 4 or 5 different families and their schedules, in-between nap time and work and swimming lessons, but it makes my heart smile to know that my client’s like The Russell Family will have these photos to look back on forever. We took these photos at Quail’s Gate | Okanagan Estate Winery.

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