Sharla Pike Photography Lightroom Mobile Presets

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My friends it’s never been easier to produce stunning photos with just a few clicks!

All my Lightroom presets are compatible with the Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud (CC) App on Mobile devices. Yes they work on both iPhone + Android.  The collection includes 11 amazing presets + instructions on how to download them.

*Please Note  AFTER purchase you must UNZIP the folder first on your computer. inside that folder will be the presets + instructions.  (Android users can unzip the folder on your mobile device.)




STEP UP your Photo game with the NEW SHARLA PIKE PHOTOGRAPHY preset collection for Lightroom mobile.

Hello + thank you SO much for purchasing my new SHARLA PIKE PHOTOGRAPHY PRESETS this was truly a labor of love for me! In creating my presets, I wanted to be able to mirror my own editing style in them, as well as create presets that were super versatile for EVERYONE. Everyone’s style is different, everybody’s photos are different…the lighting, the exposure, the composition… so I created a collection that will cover just about any type of photo you would want to edit on your mobile.


Why use Lightroom presets?

Editing a picture to get a professional or specific look can take hours and often you need specific training in editing in order to accomplish this.   SP Lightroom mobile presets take the work and time out of photo editing without sacrificing quality making your photos look amazing with little effort. I’m not suggesting you omit hiring a professional photographer, these are simply meant for all life’s in-between moments, captured on your phone.

This Collection includes 11 Presets- 9 color + 2 B.W.


 SUNSET-  This preset adds colors as rich + bold as the ones from mother nature’s real sunset. Bold Reds, Oranges, Pinks and Yellows. Apply to images that you want the “sunlight glow” effect that happens just before dusk .

FILM- is one of my favorite presets. It’s the most versatile, it’ll work on almost any type of photo. It creates an earthy tone which brightens , softens shadows giving the soft look of  classic film photography. Great for Portraits as it has a skin smoothing effect.

GOLDEN HOUR -A photographers favorite time of day to shoot! This preset will make any photo look like it was taken in the Golden Hour. Adding Bright, Soft Golden colour. Apply to your photos for the “Golden Glow”.

                                                                                                                                                  Before + After

                                                                                                                               ~most of the following images were taken on Mobile Phone~

FRAICHE BRIGHT + CLEAN- this preset was inspired by my good friend Tori of Fraiche Nutrition .When I work with Tori, the final result of the images are bright, crisp and clean. This preset is great when working with a lot of neutral colour + whites. It will also cool down and mute those harsh yellow tones when taking photos indoors. Its perfect for bright food images, interiors + people.

FUR-TOGRAPHY- My daughter Milanna came up with this clever name, it’s perfect for all your FURRY friends… ANIMALS! This preset creates a bright, sharp look making your pets look show ready. Don’t be fooled by the name though depending on the image sometimes this preset looks awesome on “human” images as well so play around!

 POP- This preset does exactly what it sounds like…use it when you want your colors and images to REALLY POP! It’s perfect for VIBRANT , BOLD, CRISP food photography, Landscapes and Architecture.

MODERN B.W.-Everyone loves a good Black + white photo. This is a crisp, bright B.W. preset that pops the whites + darkens the blacks making your images stand out.Great for any type of photo for a bright modern black-and-white look.

NOSTALGIA B.W.- this preset is like an old black-and-white photo. It creates a muted, matte finish that will make you feel like you’re looking at an old heirloom image. Tip- you can play with the exposure after applying this preset to darken or brighten the image.

 PLAY- Originally I thought this photo would be great for editing photos of your kids, but it’s a versatile preset you can use on any type of image when you desire a Bright, Colorful Playful look+ feel.

 PRETTY PASTEL- This Light and airy this preset gives a soft Pink pastel haze over the image while brightening just a tad.

 VIOLET BLUSH- This preset is a modern spin on the pretty Pastel adding a hint of darker Violet and a Pink haze. Great for some fun festival photos OR a cool landscape shot.

Please keep in mind that great finished product starts with a great photo. Clear good quality images to start with will give you a better finished product.
One thing you may have to play around with after you apply your preset is  EXPOSURE (how light and dark your images are ) sometimes the image will look better by increasing the exposure a tad or if it’s too bright decreasing it.
I hope you love playing around with your new presets, being creative and making your images look amazing with little effort!
  Be sure to tag #SPPreset I can't wait to see your BEFORE + AFTERS! For more Examples of the presets visit my Instagram Page 
SO much Love + Gratitude
Sharla xo

*Please Note  AFTER purchase you must UNZIP the folder first on your computer to retrieve the files…. inside that folder will be the presets + instructions.  (Android users can unzip the folder on your mobile device.)

*All sales are final, no refunds. This product is only available as a digital download.
Unlike stand-alone software, presets once purchased cannot be deactivated and therefore cannot be refunded.