What to wear for family portraits -6 great tips for the perfect wardrobe!

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WHAT TO WEAR FOR FAMILY PHOTOS!! AHHH what to wear, this is a question is get asked all the time!  Well… the days of everyone in the family wearing white t-shirts and Jeans are in the past! These are YOUR family photos, so they need to be about YOU, and reflect each of your family members own unique style and personality! Don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable or that you’d never wear, because it’ll show in the images. Extras are always good, fun hats, scarves, jewelry , a fun colored clutch  etc.   The “Three Colors + POP” rule:

1. Pick three colors (one being a neutral) and put together outfits with those colors only. More than three colors can seem too busy. for example navy blue (dark wash blue jeans), gray, and mustard yellow. Neutrals include black, white, gray, khaki, etc.

blue and yellow 2. Add in an unexpected POP of color. for example a little girls pink boots, Be aware that this POP will become a focal point in the picture, so I wouldn’t advise adding this color in an area that you don’t want others to look at too closely. loight neutral 3. Think coordinating, not matching. Again, unless you want your family picture to look straight out of 1990, try to not match outfits exactly, and no RED OR GREEN as they can reflect on the skin. Keep in mind if you plan on displaying this picture in your home  try and choose colors that will compliment your home décor.Use your brightest colors as accessories. You don’t want the brightest colors detracting from the most important part of the picture: the PEOPLE! mom and kids 4. If the person is uncomfortable, it will show up in the photo, SO maybe don’t make your son wear a TUX and Daughter wear an uncomfortable fancy dress if she normally wears Jeans the pictures won’t come across as natural.   summer nuetrals 5.DO NOT wear shirts with logo’s or distracting pictures on them. (i.e. shirts that say “GAP”, “OLD NAVY”, has a comic book character, or a popular kids character) This is just distracting in a photo. It also takes away from that “timeless” look.   summer sunshine 6. PLEASE leave your running shoes at the gym!  When a family doesn’t make a good choice of shoes, it throws the whole picture off, all you will see in the photos is your bright white running shoes.



If you need help styling your family for a session I’m always more then happy to help!   sharla-pike-photography-okanagan







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